we are vbrtr.

Future-R&B DJ/producer duo, hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, rise from the wheat blanketed fields that are synonymous with country and folk music. They aim to spread the music they love and create to those who are not familiar with it. VBRTR finds production inspiration in artists such as; Mura Masa, Diplo and TroyBoi to name a few. As songwriters, they pull the stylistic charms that made 90’s R&B, instant classics. With this diverse combination, they bring their own feel-good touch to music.

Jonathan Cruz and Leonard Chan, have a combined experience of over 10 years of DJing. They have had residency in major nightclubs and bars in the local scene as well as gigs across Canada and internationally. Together, they use their dynamic, dual-style live show comprised of back-to-back DJ sets accompanied by vocally-driven live performances. VBRTR have captured fans with their unique, combinatory live presence. They have performed at New Skool Rulez in Rotterdam, Netherlands, both DJing on an outdoor stage and performing their back-to-back DJ/vocal live set at an indoor venue. Most recently, they were invited to perform at both Canadian Music Week and North by North East in Toronto, Canada.